Gardens of the World

Even if you are not a gardener at heart, your soul cannot fail to be uplifted in the midst of all the beauty and serenity one find's in strolling through a public garden, exclaiming over species of plants you have only read about or seen in books . And then, suddenly, turning a corner of the path you [...]

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Cruise Trends for 2017, Alaska & Hawaii are Hot Book Early Cruise News

Larry and Lynda are in the Grand Canyon this week. In cruise news Carnival attracts top line talent Jeff Foxworthy. Jay Leno to name a few.  Delta to begin flying to Cuba, Tired of the same ole same ole in the Caribbean? Larry has  a solution.  Larry details the three types of Alaska [...]

Cruise Trends for 2017, Alaska & Hawaii are Hot Book Early Cruise News2016-12-29T18:54:41-05:00

Just Cruisin July 9th 2016

 Larry details their ships tour of MSC Divina. Learn more about MSC cruises and their loyalty programs. In Cruise news Norwegian bans bringing beverages on board.

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Does the Early Bird Get the Worm?

Advantages of Early Booking If you have been cruising for a long time, you probably don’t need to read this article. You've been booking your cruises well in advance – most of the time – so chances are, you are not going to change. But come-lately cruisers or those new cruisers accustomed to all inclusive [...]

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