US News Cruise Awards Plus Five Must Have Items for Cruise Travel

Five must have items for cruise travel! Larry detail these items with a little bit of help from Lynda. US news reveals it 2017 awards for best cruise lines, Viking Ocean Cruises is coming on strong. Richard Branson announces the that Virgin Voyages is open for bookings, Larry details this brand-new addition to cruising that will only be catering to 18 and up no children allowed. The ships are to be called “Ladyships” find out why.

Royal Caribbean’s new ships literally float on air! Who knew? This very latest in marine technology is destined to safe Royal Caribbean a boatload of money, pardon the pun.

In other cruise news, Port Canaveral sets a new record for passengers. The latest on Caribbean port updates and resumption of service to them. Congress in their wisdom is looking to further tax cruise lines while they are in US waters, Larry’s thoughts as t0 the ramifications to cruisers as a result of this brilliant plan. Celebrity Cruise lines announces Non-Refundable Fare pricing, buyer beware if you are shopping online.

In cruise deals Harmony of the Seas is open for booking with first run three and four day cruises, these will not last long. Larry & Lynda are off next week with Azamara Club Cruises to Cuba. Stay tuned for the review.


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