Cruise Trends for 2022 | with Larry Jackson

Cruise Trends for 2022 | with Real Travel Expert Larry JacksonĀ 

Larry Jackson co-owner of Cruise Holidays of Viera joins Ken, host of Ask a Real Travel Expert, for a look at what we can expect in cruising for 2022. Larry provides insight what to expect for 2022 with the major cruise lines. Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises and more. Is covid in the rear view mirror for 2022? Larry details the challenges and how the cruise lines have adapted to this ever-changing situation. Is this a good time to cruise? Absolutely says Larry and he details why. Are last minute cruise deals a thing of the past? Check out the good news trend on cruise deals. Larry also sets viewers minds at ease with regard to the financial stability of the cruise lines. All of this great information plus a look at new cruise options for Port Canaveral and some interesting upcoming cruises with Larry and Lynda.