Cruise Update. Whats up with the CDC

On this weeks show Larry talks about the current state of cruising. Good news from the CDC but will it change anything with regard to upcoming cruises.

Oh no! Norwegian and Royal Caribbean cancel upcoming cruises but there is more to this story Larry has details. And speaking of canceling a cruise there has never been better time to book a cruise. Larry explains the new and improved cruise cancellation policies. Do you have special needs or know someone who has cruising is a great option Cruise Holidays of Viera .

Ever wonder what the crews of the ships were up to during the pandemic? Larry talks about where the ships were, the impact on the crews, and how it is affecting them today. A special shout out to the various port ministries that help with the crews so far away from home. Stay tuned until the end of the show for a new segment: Larry’s Cruise tips and cruise picks for the week.