Not Your Mom and Pop’s Bus Tour | A Guide to Guided Tours | with Kathy Schmauss

Ken of RTE Travel Talk sits down with the Travel Expert, Kathy Schmauss, of Cruise Holidays of Viera to delve into the world of guided tours, with a focus on the revolutionary offerings from Globus, Tauck, Abercrombie & Kent, CIE Tours, Cosmos and more. “A Guide to Guided Tours: This Isn’t Your Mom & Dad’s Bus Tour,” Kathy shares her insightful perspective on the unique features that set guided tour apart in this new world of travel.

Kathy begins by highlighting the hallmark of guided tours – their expertly curated itineraries. She explains how these meticulously planned journeys seamlessly blend iconic attractions with off-the-beaten-path experiences, promising travelers a well-rounded and enriching adventure that goes beyond the ordinary.

With nearly a century of experience, Globus and other tour vendors provide exceptional Tour Directors and Local Guides. Kathy sheds light on how these passionate guides offer invaluable local insights, insider information, and share captivating stories that bring destinations to life, making every tour a truly immersive experience.

VIP access to must-see attractions is a game-changer, allowing travelers to skip lines and crowds. Kathy emphasizes how this exclusive access with guests to delve deeper into the history and culture of iconic sites without the hassle of waiting, ensuring an unparalleled exploration.

Authentic local experiences. Kathy shares how the emphasis on hands-on, immersive activities allows travelers to connect with the local culture, providing a genuine taste of daily life in each destination. The ability to personalize your vacation is a key feature, and Kathy explains how she works with her clients to cater to individual interests with a variety of optional excursions and activities. Whether you’re an art lover, foodie, or history buff, guided tours are no longer as are rigid at they once were which ensures your journey can align perfectly with your passions.

Culinary exploration is a highlight of any travel experience. Kathy details how the mix of included meals and opportunities for on-your-own dining exploration creates a well-balanced culinary journey, allowing travelers to savor the diverse cuisines of each destination.

Bid farewell to endless online hotel reviews – Kathy elaborates on how Globus and other top tour companies handpick first-class hotels, ensuring a comfortable stay based on location, comfort, and style.

Traveling in style is a given for guided touring, offering a range of transportation options from high-speed trains to river cruise ships. Kathy discusses how first-class coaches provide comfort and enjoyment, with large windows, plush seats, and amenities for a seamless journey.

And finally, Kathy highlights her upcoming tour, Scenic Switzerland by Train with Cosmos.

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