Oceania Vista: On The Way To Luxury? | with Larry Jackson

Travel Expert Larry Jackson, owner of Cruise Holidays of Viera, joins Ken from RTE Travel Talk for a deep dive interview into Larry’s recent voyage aboard Oceania Cruises’ newest gem, the Vista.

Larry begins by sharing what sets the Oceania Vista apart from other cruise experiences, providing a glimpse into the unique features that make this ship a standout in the cruising world. Discover the exceptional aspects of the Vista, offering a comprehensive look at what makes a voyage on this ship extraordinary.

Get ready for a detailed exploration of the ship’s highlights, including the unveiling of a new casino space and a discussion on the captivating decor in Specialty Restaurants. Larry takes us on a culinary journey, delving into the new Specialty Dining options at and providing insights into the Grand Dining Room.

The interview unfolds into a discussion on the enhanced public spaces, showcasing the attention to detail in the ship’s design. Larry touches on the technological advancements aboard the Vista, offering a glimpse into how technology enhances the overall cruising experience.

Sports enthusiasts, rejoice at the revelation of the new Pickleball Court, Caged Driving Range, and Putting Greens, promising a blend of recreation and relaxation.

Larry emphasizes the unique advantage of a cruise with no crowds due to the ship’s capacity, providing an intimate and comfortable experience for every passenger. For seasoned Oceania cruisers, Larry shares the good, bad, and ugly aspects of the Vista, offering valuable insights for those familiar with the cruise line.

Dive into the details of new solo staterooms and the Owners Suite, exploring the range of accommodations available on this extraordinary ship.

Looking to book your cruise on a new ship? Larry provides essential tips and considerations. Larry and Ken compare the Vista to Azamara and similar cruise experiences, gaining a comprehensive understanding of how Oceania’s newest addition measures up and what it offers for cruisers longing for a return to the old style of cruising. Larry also breaks down the price point comparison, helping potential cruisers make informed decisions. Discover the typical Oceania passenger, gaining insights into the demographic that finds the Vista a perfect fit.

The interview concludes with Larry giving a thumbs up to the Vista and an exciting revelation – escorting a cruise in 2024. Join Ken and Larry on this engaging discussion, offering an insider’s perspective on the Oceania Vista experience.

Video is timestamped for your convenience.