lo sono affamato Italian Tour Review

Larry interviews Enzo and Sue Ardovini, tour operators for Italia Gastronomic 12 day tour. Learn how the experience the real Italy.  In cruise news Princess sails for Iceland, Alaska to have record year in 2017.  Are you more then just a number to the cruiseline? Larry explores the cruise line business model vs [...]

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Just Cruisin Mar 5th 2016

Larry interviews his better have Lynda,  Co Owner of Cruise Holidays of Viera about their recent cruise with Celebrity Cruise Lines  " I love my butler" .  Other highlights, cruise deals of the week, whats new in cruising this week, and Canyon Country.

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Just Cruisin Jan 30th 2016 Show

Zika Viruis Update, Our thank you gift to you $50.00 onboard credit.  Cruise News & Deals of the Week.  Larry & Lynda's Canyon Country Tour. Uniworld river cruises returns to Egypt and expands to India. Secret cabins on Royal Caribbean Freedom class ships.  And more......

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Common Myths About Travel Agents

Common Myths About Travel Agents There are 3 huge myths out there about travel agents, or travel professionals as most would prefer to be called - and quite rightly too. This word “agent” is the basis for Myth #1. Investing thousands into a vacation? Hire a professional,then you can sit back & relax. [...]

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7 Items You Need to Pack

Our Input on that Important Packing List Every experienced traveler has a go to list of items he or she would not travel without. Here is another take on that all important packing list whether you are going by land, sea or air: #7  Zip lock bags. Make these a medium to large size as they [...]

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