Mykonos ~ Island of the Winds

Mykonos Before it was discovered by tourism in the 1950’s, the island of Mykonos had it rough economically. This island, part of the Cyclades series of Greek islands and islets in the Mediterranean sea, is small, rocky and dry. The sun shines 80% of the year, a different "wind" blows every season – the Sirocco [...]

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Just Cruisin Mar 19th 2016

Larry updates us on cruising to Cuba, Oceania launchs world cruise.  Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas update.  Larry's cruise deal of the week.  Cruise news.

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Just Cruisin Mar 12th 2016

Need to know information for river cruising! Viking River Cruises launches more ships. Do you have a boutique vacation planner.  Cruise lines tightening up final deposit days. Cruise news and cruise deals of the week.

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Just Cruisin Mar 5th 2016

Larry interviews his better have Lynda,  Co Owner of Cruise Holidays of Viera about their recent cruise with Celebrity Cruise Lines  " I love my butler" .  Other highlights, cruise deals of the week, whats new in cruising this week, and Canyon Country.

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Does the Early Bird Get the Worm?

Advantages of Early Booking If you have been cruising for a long time, you probably don’t need to read this article. You've been booking your cruises well in advance – most of the time – so chances are, you are not going to change. But come-lately cruisers or those new cruisers accustomed to all inclusive [...]

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Just Cruisin Feb 20th 2016

A letter from Royal Caribbean re Anthem of the Seas, Cruise of the week. Larry explores the history of river cruising how did river cruising come about. We learn about the best way to carry money in Europe.  A very special river cruise in Vietnam.  More Disney cruise advantages.  And More.... [...]

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Just Cruisin Feb 13th 2016

 Larry's take on Anthem of the Seas, Cruise of the Week. 9 Reasons you should take duct tape on your next cruise. Cruise Critic Peoples Choice Award Winners and more...

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Common Myths About Travel Agents

Common Myths About Travel Agents There are 3 huge myths out there about travel agents, or travel professionals as most would prefer to be called - and quite rightly too. This word “agent” is the basis for Myth #1. Investing thousands into a vacation? Hire a professional,then you can sit back & relax. [...]

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Family Travel Now 3 Generations

Multi Generational Travel Family life has changed drastically from what it was fifty years ago, even from that of ten years ago. Families are smaller, usually both parents work, and grandparents may be working longer too. So, other than holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, getting everyone together to spend quality time can be problematic. [...]

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7 Items You Need to Pack

Our Input on that Important Packing List Every experienced traveler has a go to list of items he or she would not travel without. Here is another take on that all important packing list whether you are going by land, sea or air: #7  Zip lock bags. Make these a medium to large size as they [...]

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