If you are thinking group travel is anything like the old-fashioned bus tour, please think again. Group travel, especially on ocean or river cruises, gives you the best of both worlds – independence but support from fellow group travelers if you need it. Sometimes there is the bonus of an escort for the group, someone who knows the ins and outs of travel and/or the destinations(s).

Here are some of the advantages of groups:

  • Quite often the group is like-minded. It might be family, friends, or complete strangers who share your interests. At the very least, the others in your group have decided this particular itinerary and schedule of events is right for them – just as you have.
    If you like to bike but hesitate to alone in a strange country, go with a group.

    If you like to travel – but hesitate to alone in a strange country – go with a group.

  • For the first timer or the more timid traveler, group travel as mentioned earlier is like a security blanket.
  • Groups often have perks such as private cocktail parties, amenities, private or preferred access to points of interest, etc. that you would not get booking independently.